Map of four GPS-tracked Magnificent Frigatebirds nesting in the British Virgin Islands. The locations are automatically updated every 2 days. Use the small calendar at the top of the map to see the locations of the Frigatebirds on a given day. Clicking on a bird's location (round dots) will provide information about that individual. 


Map of three satellite-tagged Magnificent Frigatebirds previously tracked from April 2014 to January 2016. Atoya is in yellow, Boyd in purple, and Clive in blue.

The satellite tags being used are small solar-powered tags weighing about 22 grams. They can collect GPS locations (shown here) as well as Argos-Doppler locations. 

Thanks to Movebank for assistance with embedding the tracking maps. Movebank is a free, online database of animal tracking data hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology.