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Conservation of Magnificent Frigatebirds in the Virgin Islands

This is a collaborative effort to improve our understanding of the ecology of frigatebirds in the Virgin Islands and surrounding areas. Very little is known about the movement patterns of this species during the breeding or nonbreeding seasons. Therefore we tracked 3 adults with satellite-GPS technology and 4 additional adults with GPS.


2014-2016: Satellite tags, GPS-PTT, breeding, non-breeding, migration, connectivity; Great Tobago, British Virgin Islands.

2016: GPS, foraging, breeding; Great Tobago, British Virgin Islands.


Patrick Jodice, USGS South Carolina Cooperative Research Unit / Clemson University

Ken Meyer, Avian Research and Conservation Institute

Susan Zaluski, Jost van Dyke Preservation Society

Louise Soanes, University of Liverpool


Funding & direct support

USGS, Avian Research and Conservation Institute, UK Overseas Territory Project Fund, BVI Office of the Governor, and the UK Darwin Initiative.

Additional support was provided by Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, National parks Trust of the Virgin Islands, and the BVI Department of Conservation & Fisheries.

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