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Seabird research in the Western Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Our team is comprised of agency and academic scientists as well as graduate students. We collaborate on a range of research and conservation projects focused on seabird ecology. Our research is supported by federal and state agencies and foundations.

Our research focuses on a variety of nearshore and pelagic marine birds that breed in the western Atlantic including Brown PelicanBlack-capped Petrel, Black SkimmerAudubon's ShearwaterMagnificent FrigatebirdMasked BoobyRed-billed and White-tailed Tropicbird, Royal and Least Terns and Laughing Gulls.

Study sites

We collaborate on research projects in a variety of locations and countries throughout the Western Atlantic and the Caribbean, including South Carolina, U.S. states along the Gulf of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, St. Eustatius, Tobago, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, and Mexico. 

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